Nonprofit Animal Rescue 501C-3✅.

We are an Alpaca, Llama and small animal rescue in Northern California 
that provides rescue and permanent shelter to various animals. 
We specialize in alpacas and llamas (camelids), as well as other small animals. Our animals are well cared for and receive special diets to keep them as healthy as they can be. They are living happy, peaceful lives under sunny Northern California skies.
We welcomed our very first cria in late August 2021
Camelids are able to help sustain themselves in that they must be sheared annually for their health. This creates one of the most sought after fibers in the world, which we are able to process and sell, as well as use it to serve educational needs in our rural farm area. Each animal is able to offset itself through fiber and soil “supplement” sales. Both are environmentally friendly.
We rescue animals primarily on the West Coast, having recently completed a 1200 mile round trip, made possible through generous donations. 
We network with other rescue groups and are able to assist when needed. Alpacallamarescue is also available to provide shelter to livestock in the event of an emergency such as wildfire evacuation or other disaster situations. As of this writing, we are assisting a local rancher by boarding his cattle,at no charge, while he regrows his pasture. 
Our CEO, Shaney has always had a sincere love for all animals and has rescued many different animals for over several decades. Shaney was born with two serious birth defects. Dealing daily with disability has given her a unique perspective on life and is able to use this to her advantage in relating with many of the animals that she rescues and cares for. Shaney is always looking for ways to help empower other disabled people through community projects and through our farm.


Rescue services for alpaca, llamas and smaller animals as needed and space is available, currently we are full. In an urgent situation we may be able to help, or provide another avenue of assistance. . We wrangle and assist with lost animals both pets and livestock.


We offer rehoming services on a case by case basis. While we may not be able to provide help by taking animals in, we may know someone else who can help. Please contact for more information.


We offer shearing by appointment only, please contact for more information.

  • 12578 County Road 60, Alturas, CA, USA